For those of you who have a bit more time to spare and who want to get fully submerged in tech diving we offer the possibility of tech diving internship packages.

Why do a tech diving internship?

Our main goal during a tech diving internship is to help create more comfortable, knowledgeable, and ultimately safer divers. Especially during entry level tec diving courses, you will get a lot of information and you probably will also be a bit tired. In our tech diving internships we want to give you the possibility to not just do your plain tec diving course but to build up as much experience as possible by giving you extra time and coaching during and between courses, in the water and in the classroom!

Please note at this point that we do NOT offer work-against-education-internships for two main reasons. Firstly, we do not think that after a month of technical diving training you have enough experience and routine to take the full responsibility over a group of technical divers and secondly, you would need a work permit and be a member of the CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Water Sports) in Egypt which takes some time and more importantly is quite expensive. However, we still will include you in our main daily routine so you can learn about logistics, equipment, safety procedures and other aspects of a tech diving facility and technical diving itself.

tech diving in dahab

What is included and what is not?

Besides the courses, all your air/nitrox/oxygen fills, transportations to the dive sites, and access to our library are included in your internship package. For OC entry level tech diving internships, we include the basic tech diving equipment (wing, backplate and harness or sidemount unit, back gas regulators and deco regs) as well. If you need further equipment please let us know and we will either put you an equipment package together or advise you on what to buy (in fact PLEASE contact us if you plan to buy tec diving equipment first as it is easy to miss-spend lots of money in tech diving!).

Not included are food, accommodation, diving and travel insurance, certification fees (and books if needed), equipment (other than for OC entry level courses), the helium (0.08€/L) and/or Sofnolime (18€/kg) for you and the instructor and the entrance fee of 10$/day if we dive at the Blue Hole.

Set up

Lagona Divers – Technical is located in the Happy Life Village in the south of Dahab. It’s house reef starts with a sandy slope with some coral patches and a seagrass area which makes the shallow part perfect for skill sessions. From around 18m a compact reef starts and reaches down to roughly 45m, making it suitable for deco dives. You will have unlimited access to the house reef during operating hours so you can practice or just enjoy some fish, corals and silence.

Of course, we also go off site for diving so you can practice in different environments and enjoy other sceneries. You can also join ongoing fun dives of other groups if it matches your current certification level or participate in ongoing theory lectures to repeat or widen your knowledge.

Different person – different needs – different package!

During our years of teaching, we saw how important it is to spend some extra time with the basics and to simply just dive and repeat but at the same time it’s good to sometimes take a little break to let all the information “sink in”. Therefore, we recommend focussing on mainly one subject during your stay and to not mix up too many different courses. You can either do your entry level courses in Backmount OR Sidemount OR hypoxic trimix diving training OR Rebreather training OR Instructor level courses. Depending on your experience level and time frame you can combine a few things but do not expect to be able to do all in once!

Below you will find a few tec diving internship options to give you an idea about which courses you could combine and how much time you should plan for. Please contact us so we can design together your personal Internship program!

Internship Option #1: “Technical Diver – User level”

  • SSI Extended Range Foundation
  • SSI Extended Range Nitrox
  • SSI Extended Range
  • SSI Technical Extended Range

Duration: approx. 4 weeks
Price: on request

Internship Option #2: “Advanced technical Trimix Training”

  • Skills refresher
  • Preparation dives up to 50m
  • SSI Hypoxic Trimix
  • Top-off Dives

Duration: approx. 4 weeks
Price: on request