Guided Tech Diving Prices:

Our prices for guided tech diving

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Guided Technical Dives OC/CCR

40m – 45m (Guide, Transport, Twinset, 1 Deco gas) 85€
45m – 65m (Guide, Transport, Twinset, 2 Deco gases) 95€
65m – 85m (Guide, Transport, Twinset, 2-3 Deco gases) 110€
85m – 100m (Guide, Transport, Twinset, 3 Deco gases, support diver) 150€
100m – 130m (Guide, Transport, Twinset, 4 Deco gases, support divers) 180€

Not included: Helium and/or Sofnolime for the diver, guide and any support divers and equipment rental. Entrance fee to the Blue Hole area: 10$/person.

Gas Prices

Helium per Liter 0.08€
Sofnolime 18€/kg

Note: There are no additional charges for helium based bailout cylinders, providing the cylinders are returned unused.

Equipment Rental

Full Technical Rig (1 Deco Reg) 45€
Back Gas Regulator Set 20€
Deco Regulator 12€
Sidemount Regulator Set 20€
SMB 3€
Reel 5€
Spool 3€
Harness/Backplate 15€
Wing 15€
X-Deep Stealth Classic 25€
Bottom Timer 5€
Fullface Mask 40€
DPV 50€