What you should know about tec diving in Dahab

We first discuss what you wish to achieve and then advise you on possible ways to reach your goal in a safe manner.

At the beginning of your essential course we will spend plenty of time discussing equipment configuration and set up, trim and propulsion techniques. After some dry training we will train in your new configuration in shallow water first before we move on to essential skills. We will constantly work on improving your buoyancy and finning techniques while adding more and more skills to prepare you for real technical diving.

If both you and we feel comfortable with your abilities to handle the basics, we will then train you in how to plan and conduct entry level decompression dives. Within safe limits you and your teammates will mostly be in charge for those training dives. Additionally, in your entry level technical diving course you have the ability to get trained in the use of Trimix as a breathing gas, so you can enter the world of technical diving with the possibility to choosing the perfect mix for every occasion!

After completing your entry level tec diving certification, a new world will open up for you! You will be able to explore this world within your new personal limits, gaining more experience, before perhaps even moving on to your next technical diving course! We are happy to discuss your options and even after your course we are still available for you if you need advice on decompression dive planning, equipment configuration or anything else!

Technical Diving in Dahab at the Blue Hole

You are already a certified technical diver, but you would like to refresh your diving skills? We offer daily training sessions to help you get up to speed before your next technical diving adventure or course!

Or have you just mastered the basics of tec diving? Then you probably want to explore what else you can find at greater depth of your favourite dive site or what you might find if you would be able to still dive around the next corner of a canyon!

What you need is either extended bottom time and/or the ability to go even deeper on a different gas mixture (Trimix). To achieve your goal, you can participate in different technical diving courses in which we either train you to increase your personal limits and/or in the use of helium based breathing mixtures.

They all involve advanced decompression dive planning, more equipment (diving with two or even three stages) and therefore more task loading which will require more skill training and plenty of simulated emergency scenarios. We offer courses to gradually expand your depth to 100m or even 120m.

In all our diving courses and coaching sessions we put safety first and train you in all kinds of emergency scenarios so you can become an overall safer diver!

tec diving courses will engance every divers skill level

We help you to understand the limiting factors of your decompression dive plans from different points of views! This includes but is not limited to gas choices and volume calculations, your decompression dive plan, environmental factors, team members and their capabilities and possible emergency procedures and their calculations.

A good overview and basic understanding of decompression theory will help you with your dive planning procedures and judgment calls in difficult situations. If you feel you need to refresh some basics or you want to go deeper into a subject, let us know!

We show and explain to you how to do efficient decompression dive plans according to your level while  prioritising your safety. This also involves a certain mindset from your side which means you might have to put your “ego”to one side for a while and be really honest with yourself in terms of your diving capabilities and to accept your current limits.

When in the end all comes together you will be able to fully enjoy your dives and to expand your comfort zone gradually – with a mind at peace!

technical diving in Dahab

Since almost all the technical dive sites in Dahab are reached by Pickup, we have the luxury to schedule our dives accordingly to the weather and tide conditions. This means no time conflict with recreational diving groups and no stressful mornings to catch a boat! You can simply relax and dive and we take care of the rest so you can enjoy your technical diving holiday in Dahab to its fullest!

On the beginning of your stay, we will discuss some general technical dive planning and emergency procedures with you. This will be followed by a shallow dive first to make sure all the equipment is working properly and so that we feel comfortable together in the water.  

Our morning dives we usually plan and prepare the afternoon before, so you just have to analyse your gases and prepare your box in the morning. If you dive in the afternoon, you will have plenty of time to prepare everything in the morning You will always get a full briefing which will not just include the highlights of the technical dive site, but also point out specific emergency procedures if needed. All our drivers are first aid trained and an emergency kit, including oxygen, is always on site. 

Student during tec diving course