Our tec diving courses

We teach Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreather tec diving courses from beginner up to hypoxic trimix level via SSI XR, TDI and IANTD.

Both agencies are around for decades already and are members of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) and the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) to ensure a high minimum training standard.

During all our tec diving courses our main goal is to deliver a high standard of safety and to give the student enough time to understand all aspects which are go into planning a technical dive.

Student during tec diving course

All tec diving courses start off with shallow water skill training/evaluation off existing skills. During those shallow water dives we take care that the student has enough time to practice the required skill set from the agency. Additionally, we put a lot off effort in essential diving skills as for example body posture and finning techniques. Compared to what most people are used from their recreational training we want to ensure that during our tec diving courses all skills can be completed while neutrally buoyant and while holding a steady team formation.

tec diving student inside the canyon

If both instructor and student are happy with the performance, we move on to the actual course dives. In comparison to what people are used too, we highly believe that during a technical diving course the student should oversee all the details of the dive.

This includes:

  • Risk assessment of the site
  • Creating an emergency plan
  • Planning the dive
  • Taking care of navigation during the dive

One more aspect which we think should be included in every technical diving course are simulated emergency scenarios. During your training dive your instructor will confront you with a variety of problems same as they could happen during a real technical dive. As for example loss of decompression gas, loss of backgas or any other equipment malfunction.

tec diving in a overhead enviroment.

In the following you can discover the main list of technical diving courses which Lagona Divers – Technical has to offer. Please note that the duration times are the standard minimum set by agencies. As we are dedicated to help create safer and better educated divers we mostly exceed those times during our technical diving courses.

We help you to safely achieve your goals as a technical diver so you can enjoy your future dive adventures!

Open Circuit Tec Diving Courses

CCR Courses

Lagona Divers Technical offers CCR Courses on the X-CCR, Triton CCR and Hollis Prism2 starting from recreational CCR Diver up to the Hypoxic Trimix Level. The basic working principle of a CCR (closed circuit rebreather) consists of recycling the breathing mixture within a loop. To keep a constant ppO2, small amounts of oxygen are injected (either manually or automatically) into the exhaled gas to replace the oxygen which has been metabolized by the diver. Carbon dioxide produced by the diver gets absorbed by the Scrubber (absorbent). The composition of the breathing mixture changes continuously during the dive. 

Technical diving Instructor Courses

We are proud that with our two in-house SSI XR, IANTD and TDI Instructor Trainers we are able to offer a range of Tec Diving Instructor Courses for all three agency’s here at Lagona Divers Technical. Our instructor programs will not only prepare you to enter the market as a well-trained tec diving instructor, but you will also be able to expand your previous knowledge in the area of ​​decompression theory and get a better understanding of the dynamics of courses.

tec diving courses will engance every divers skill level

It doesn’t matter what level you are at you will get the chance to gain enough experience in every area, be it classroom presentations, skill training or course standards and course implementation. Regardless of whether you want to start your career as a technical diving instructor or want to reach the next level, we can put together a package that is tailored to you and meets your goals. To become a tec diving Instructor you need to be recreational Instructor. In the beginning you will become an Technical diving Instructor for the entry level courses. After you gain some experience and have taught some technical diving courses on your level, you will also be able to reach the higher levels.