triton ccr diver inside the canyon. Diving the CCR Triton comes with many benefits!

Triton CCR Rebreather, definitely the Nr 1 Chestmount Rebreather!

If you’re looking for a travel-friendly rebreather, adaptable to all equipment configurations, look no further than the Triton CCR rebreather. Designed for every environment, this versatile, lightweight rebreather offers something for every diver, and grows with your goals. In this post, we’re putting the Triton CCR rebreather under the spotlight, to show you why it could be your perfect match—for both recreational and technical diving.

triton ccr diver inside the canyon. Diving the CCR Triton comes with many benefits!

Why Choose the Triton CCR Rebreather?

Apart from the usual advantages a standard rebreather offers, the Triton CCR rebreather has some standout features that make it one of the best CCRs available today.

The Triton CCR rebreather is the lightest rebreather on the market. Weighing in at only 7kg, this unique CCR enables you to travel light, avoiding high luggage costs. You’ll also never have to wave goodbye to your CCR-baby at airport luggage check-in, allowing you to keep it by your side for the whole flight! Similarly, the CCR Triton is the only civilian chest-mounted CCR on the market today. Likewise, it’s the only mCCR (Mechanical Closed-Circuit Rebreather) to be CE rated to a depth of 100 metres.

Here at Lagona Divers Technical, we’ve already begun pushing the limits of the Triton CCR rebreather, exploring many of the untouched, sub-100 metre Canyon systems Dahab has on offer.

Produced by Multi Safety Support System (M3S) in France, the CCR Triton has supported divers pushing the limits of exploration in many different environments and challenging conditions. It was Fréderic Swierczynski’s rebreather of choice when setting the world record for diving at altitude. It also supported some of the divers involved in the extreme operation of the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018. Given this record, there’s no question of the reliability of the Triton CCR rebreather.

Being a small, compact chest-mounted rebreather, the CCR Triton is highly versatile and adaptable.

Triton ccr rebreather diver inside the canyon

It can be configured for sidemount, twinset or even single tank use. For extreme exploration dives, it can also double-up as a bailout rebreather, used in conjunction with the X-CCR, for example. This means that the Triton CCR rebreather is adaptable to all environments. From deep open ocean diving or shallow close-encounters with wildlife, to cave and wreck penetration, the CCR Triton rebreather will serve all your needs.

Triton CCR Rebreather Key Features

Here’s an overview of the main features the Triton CCR rebreather has to offer.

Large 3D developed inhalation counterlung Minimises hydrostatic work of breathing (WOB)
7kg travel weight (12kg when ready to dive)Lightweight, convenient for travel
Uses a quick-connect system plus safety clips for all counterlung connectionsEasy to use, prevent false clipping
Connections are colour-coded, with fresh gas being white and used gas being blackEasily identifiable and prevents false clipping 
Kevlar bag houses the counterlungs, scrubber and oxygen sensorsTough, durable material that protects the contents and reduces the overall weight of the unit
2 transparent silicone breathing hoses with anti-bacterial treatmentTransparent material makes for easy internal visual inspection 
Breathing hose shapeUnique design of the breathing hoses provides maximum freedom of movement for the head as well as a low work of breathing (WOB)
Custom-designed mushroom valves in DSV (Diver Supply Valve)Keeps work of breathing (WOB) minimal
All plastic parts are made from POM-C DelrinHighly durable material
DSV constructed with easy fit circlipsMakes for easy assembly and disassembly 
3 Oxygen sensorsMonitors PP02
Triton Oxygen first stageOxygen clean
300 bar DIN
1 HP and 4 LP ports
Fixed intermediate pressure between 11.5-11.7 bar
Pressure relief valve prevents free-flow in case of intermediate pressure increase 
O2 M3S Valve1 Manual O2 add and 1 constant mass flow valve. Flow rate of 0.70 lpm. Made out of marine grade stainless steel
Diluent feed to ADV has a flow stop and simple quick-connect hoseOff-board gas can be connected and used as a diluent
M3S Triton Monox O2 MonitorHandset and head-up-display (HUD) can be mounted left or right, and supplies PPO2 information. Both are rechargeable
Optional secondary Shearwater Petrel 2 computer plus NERD 2Supporting 5 CC and 5 OC gases, Bühlmann + GF algorithm with optional VPM-B algorithm, no lock-out mode, CNS monitoring, two PPO2 set points with optional automatic switching, firmware updates downloadable, integrated tilted compass. NERD 2 works as a HUD, conveniently displaying dive information
2.2 kg Axial scrubberContains CO2 absorbent and is located in the protective Kevlar bag. The design of the scrubber/canister guarantees optimised thermal isolation. The canister top is secured with a locking ring and bottom is fitted with 2 o-rings, preventing CO2 channelling
1.5 Litre Aluminium/2.5 Litre Steel Oxygen tankClipped underneath the Kevlar bag, with easy, quick access to the handwheel. Ability to choose tank capacity and metal type to suit your preferences

Triton CCR Price

The big question with any new piece of dive equipment is the price. And when it comes to rebreathers and technical dive equipment, the question of price is even greater! You’ll be glad to know that the Triton CCR price is cheaper compared to other rebreathers on the market. Generally speaking, chest-mount rebreathers are more affordable than their backmount counterparts.

triton ccr rebreather black unit

The Triton CCR price varies depending on what unit configuration you buy.

The Triton CCR price for the basic unit, including only the Monox computer and a 1.5 L aluminium oxygen tank is €4,695—excluding VAT. For the Petrel 3 edition of the unit, the price increases to €6,295. And for the Triton CE Nerd 2 unit, the price reaches €6,870.

The Triton CCR price also increases depending on the extra features and customisations you choose to include.

For example, if you select the 2.5 L steel tank on any of the units, the rebreather price increases by €50. If you upgrade from a standard to a Custom Safety Mouthpiece, you’ll pay an extra €100 on top of the base price of your selected Triton CCR unit. An additional off-board kit can also be ordered, increasing the Triton CCR price by €315. Up to three custom embroidered logos, designs or drawings can be added to the Kevlar bag, for a price of €63 per logo. Likewise, embroidered text can be added to the bag for €31.50 per text.

As you can see, depending on the level of customisation, base unit, computer system and tank type you choose, the Triton CCR price can vary.

The good news is that compared to other rebreather units, you’ll likely still save money when buying a Triton CCR rebreather!

Triton CCR Rebreather Courses at Lagona Divers Technical

Overall, the Triton CCR rebreather is one of the most versatile and lightweight rebreathers on the market, supporting exploration. Even better is the fact that the Triton CCR price is comparatively affordable.

So if you’re looking to learn rebreather diving or crossover to the Triton CCR, contact us to complete your course here in Dahab!


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