Diver on X-CCR Rebreather

X-CCR Rebreather

Choosing a new rebreather is like having your first kiss – you’re nervous, excited and want to make sure you do everything right!

The X-CCR rebreather is an excellent choice, whether you’re new to rebreather diving or are simply wishing to switch units. In this article, we’re going to break down all the features the X-CCR rebreather has to offer you.

Let’s jump in!

Diver on X-CCR Rebreather

Why the X-CCR Rebreather?

The X-CCR rebreather is built for extreme expeditions, combining user-friendliness with cutting-edge technology.

The unit is rated to 100 metres, with it being tested to 150 metres during the manufacturing process. It’s built by iQsub in the Czech Republic and distributed by SubGravity in Utah, USA, and is the result of many years of testing and exploration.

The X-CCR rebreather is the unit of choice of many industry-leading explorers, providing reliability and robustness, with easy maintenance. 

Aside from the advantages that all rebreathers offer, there are some special features that make the X-CCR rebreather stand out.

If you like to read more about the general advantages of diving a CCR check out this BLOG POST here!

X-CCR Rebreather Features

Let’s take a look at the X-CCR rebreather’s main features.

Radial ScrubberDuration of up to 6 hours at depths of up to 150 metres, with very low flow resistance
Integrated Shearwater TechnologySupporting 5 CC and 5 OC gases, Bühlmann + GF algorithm with optional VPM-B algorithm, no lock-out mode, CNS monitoring, two PPO2 set points with optional automatic switching, firmware updates downloadable, integrated tilted compass
DiveCAN® digital communication electronics system with Head-Up Display (HUD)Robust error-resistant communications, parts can easily be swapped out for repairs and travel, modular design increases redundancy of individual parts
Back or front mounted counter lungsConfigurable for diver preference
Breathing hoses made of EPDM rubberVery UV, salt and grease resistant
Quick Bayonet Lock system on headIndustry unique, provides quick access to the O-ring
Oxygen and diluent tanks between 2-7L can be mountedConfigurable for diver preference
Solenoid and Oxygen electronics (SOLO) boardManages PPO2 via 3 O2 sensors, monitors CO2, monitors battery life, failure-tolerant modular system (continues to manage PP02 in the event of short circuits or communication failures)
Two Li-Ion Lithium Batteries 18650Independent and redundant, located outside the breathing loop to prevent contamination
Bailout Valve (BOV) ShrimpMaking for easy switching to open circuit in bailout scenario 

Standout Features of the X-CCR Rebreather

The Quick Bayonet Lock System is a handy feature of the X-CCR rebreather that makes construction and deconstruction of the unit so much easier.

On top of this, the removable sensor cartridges can easily be taken out between dives, allowing for quick drying.

Similarly, the high pressure hoses feed directly into the unit’s head, meaning no more dangling SPG hoses – streamlining the X-CCR further!

Lastly, the multi-outlet oxygen and diluent manifolds allow out-board gases (i.e. bailout gases and oxygen if carried) to be connected directly via the Swagelok QC6 system. This means that in the event that you run out of on-board diluent or oxygen, you can simply connect your off-board gases, allowing you to continue to perform diluent flushes, maintain your PPO2 in the loop, as well as many other life-saving functions. This is where the X-CCR rebreather truly supports the exploration diver.

x-ccr rebreather diver in the gulf of aquaba

X-CCR Rebreather Price

The X-CCR rebreather price can differ from retailer to retailer, and fluctuates with the prices of raw materials.

At the current time of writing, the standard X-CCR rebreather price is between $10,600 – $10,900 USD.

As rebreathers go, this is a fairly standard price – they aren’t cheap, but rebreather diving is also not for every diver. Making the initial investment is key to having a reliable, long-lasting unit.

X-CCR Rebreather Courses

X-CCR Rebreather Diver in the Canyon

If you’re looking to break into rebreather diving, Lagona Divers Technical can help you get there.

We offer the following Courses on the X-CCR.

  • Recreational CCR Diver
  • Advanced Nitrox CCR Diver
  • Advanced Recreational Trimix CCR Diver
  • Normoxic Trimix CCR Diver
  • Hypoxic Trimix CCR Diver

So if you’re set on the X-CCR, then feel free to contact us for your CCR course!


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