Tec diving dahab

Tec Diving Dahab

Dahab has been nicknamed the “Mecca of deep diving”, with divers from all over the world coming to explore its depths. But what exactly is it that tec diving Dahab has to offer? And more importantly, is there an advantage to completing tec diving courses in Dahab, compared with other locations? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tech Diving Dahab

Tec diving dahab

Aside from its golden beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and large digital nomad community, Dahab has some of the best dive sites in the world on offer. What used to be a small, secluded fishing village has now become a world-class diving hotspot. 

Tech diving in Dahab has a long history. This is because it’s very easy to quickly access deep dive sites. It doesn’t take much to find 50 metres… or even 200 metres!

This means that tec diving in Dahab doesn’t require the use of boats, which is a big advantage, allowing technical divers to go deep directly from the shore. This is why many technical deep decompression dives and world record attempts have taken place here in Dahab.

Tec Diving Dahab Courses

Tec diving courses require practice

Despite easy access to deep dive sites, Dahab is also home to many shallow lagoons as well as sloping drop-offs and plateaus. 

This makes Dahab perfect for tec diving courses – whether you’re wanting to learn trimix diving, or are simply looking to become a technical diver.

Students and instructors can first practise and hone fundamental skills and drills in shallow waters, protected from currents. When they are then ready for deeper dives, it takes only a short swim to access many of the deep sites on offer, such as the Blue Hole. In addition to this, tec diving courses in Dahab are free from the time stress associated with boat schedules. These factors combined make tec diving courses in Dahab more relaxed, giving students the best training environment possible.

Tec Diving Dahab for Certified Divers

Technical Diving in Sidemount configuration

Aside from courses, Dahab has much to offer the certified tec diver.

From classic, world-famous dive sites like the Canyon and Blue Hole, to hidden gems like Tiger Canyon and Abu Hilal, there is a dive site for every type of diver.

On top of this, many of the kilometre-long Canyon systems are yet to be fully explored, leaving an untouched world yet to be discovered – there’s a good reason why so many tec divers keep on coming back to Dahab!

So, whether you’re interested in deep trimix diving or somewhat shallower technical dives, we have it all on our doorstep here in Dahab.

Especialy CCR divers will love Dahab. Many of the Canyon systems are perfect for long bottom times and will make every explorer fall in love with the place!

Tech Diving Dahab: A Community of Experts

Because of the huge popularity of Dahab in the technical diving community, as well as its suitability for deep diving world records, it’s become a place full of tec diving experts.

Dahab is packed full of highly skilled and knowledgeable technical divers and instructors, eager to share their expertise and explore some of the yet untouched dive sites. 

Dahab is also visited frequently by other world class technical divers and instructors, adding to the knowledge and experience present within the community.

This means that as a tec diver in Dahab, you have many possibilities for learning as well as making connections in the community – something that is valuable at both student and instructor level.

If you have any questions regarding courses or guided dives here at Lagona Divers Technical, then feel free to contact us.