SSI XR Foundations Instructor

The SSI XR Foundations Instructor course provides all you need to conduct the SSI XR Foundations program in any total diving system you are certified to teach in. As an Extended Range Foundations Instructor, you will teach divers the ultimate mastery of buoyancy control, trim and other crucial XR dive skills. You will grow your SSI Professional career and become a knowledgeable XR Foundation Instructor who can identify and correct the problems your students encounter. Help train the next generation of highly skilled XR divers.

Prerequisites :

  • Own and use a Total Diving System in the appropriate equipment configuration as outlined in the SSI General Training Standards.
  • Complete the Candidate Preassessment: Dive History and provide proof of the required teaching and diving experience.
  • Have at least one (1) of the following active status SSI certifications:
  • Open Water Instructor
  • Extended Range Instructor
  • Recreational Sidemount Diving Specialty Instructor
  • SCR Diving Instructor
  • CCR Diving Instructor

Requirements For Completion:

  • Candidates earning the Extended Range Foundations Instructor certification in any configuration may:
  • Attend a two-day seminar and successfully complete:
  • A review of all SSI General Training Standards, and the standards related to the XR programs the candidate is earning a certification for.
  • A review of the program-specific student and instructor materials.
  • An equipment configuration session for the appropriate Total Diving System.
  • A pool/confined water session that includes the presentation and evaluation of all required program skills. All skills must be done with demonstration quality.