Sidemount is perfect for the self sufficient diver course

IANTD Self Sufficient Diver in Dahab

This IANTD Self Sufficient Diver Program have been designed to provide qualified divers with “self-supported or self sufficient” training. After certification the diver is allowed to conduct solo dives until the limits of his certification level.

Prerequisites IANTD Self Sufficient Diver:
  • IANTD Deep Diver or equivalent proof of 25 logged dives
  • Min. 17 years old (with a parent or guardian authorization) or
  • Min. 18 years old

Note: This Porogram can be combined with the IANTD Essentials Course.


  • Min. 4 open water dives with a total dive of 90 min
  • No dives may be conducted to depths greater than 40 m
  • In “self-supported – self-sufficient” dives the gas management rule is set on 1/3 rule
  • The Diver is certified to dive “self-supported – self-sufficient” non-decompression dives